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Rob McGuinness

Originally qualified in Dublin in 1996, Rob McGuinness has worked as a therapist in Ireland and Australia. His skills have been further developed by working with Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and General Practitioners.

Rob studied sports and remedial massage in Dublin in 1996/7 under Mel Cash and John Sharkey in what is known now as the National Training Centre (NTC). Since then has studied Osteopathy for a short spell in Dublin before moving to Bantry. He has recently completed a two year course with the Irish Institute of Physical Therapy Cork under the guidance of Kieran Corcoran. Has lived and worked in Australia alongside Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Doctors, as well here in Ireland.

Rob sums up his philosophy as a therapist:

'As a Massage Therapist, once I have taken a case history, I always precede each treatment with massage and complete with massage. Massage helps to warm up the tissues and prepares them for further work during the treatment. When the treatment is complete, the finishing massage completes the circle and leaves tissues supple and relaxed. This is key to the healing process. Treatment in between usually consists of using a range of techniques from stretching a specific muscle to joint manipulation. Massage is a form of protection, a remedy, an encouragement to heal! It is something I do in my work and even in the care of my own children if they have succumbed to one of the many children’s ailments or accidents.

The human body is such a complex machine with one part depending on another yet ever part needs to work in harmony. Sometimes the body can break down due to stresses it endures in everyday living or to accident or injury. These stresses (including mental stress) usually manifest themselves in the muscular system resulting often in poor posture, accompanying pain and as a result, an imbalance in the overall body framework.

This is when massage comes into its own. For those of us who have had massage, we can really appreciate its benefits. Whether massage is carried out on a specific area or is part of a general workout the benefits are enormous. If treatment needs to be over a longer period, then the body can reap the rewards and harmony is restored.

In my practice, I not only use massage – I use lots of techniques from stretching a specific muscle to manipulating the spinal joints. I sometimes need to ask other specialists such as a Chiropractor or Osteopath to assist or take over treatment in some cases when I see that patients would benefit.

At Munster Treatment Rooms

We use our many years of experience, and our current professional development activities (with the Irish Institute of Physical Therapy) to screen, assess and evaluate each client’s situation and to develop a treatment plan that best suits the client in terms of alleviation and treatment of problems.

Elements of our approach to treatments include:
• Our examination of the inflammatory causes of muscular pain (muscle sprains, tears)
• Contraindications to treatment – “red flags” and “yellow flags” that may indicate serious pathology and need to be addressed appropriately
• Identification of physical symptoms of disc pathology and relevant action
• Identification of causes of acute and chronic thoracic pain in clients
• Viewing and explanation of MRI scans relating to musculoskeletal issues

Once we have screened and assessed a client’s condition at the outset, we then maintain a client history which we update after every treatment to measure progress and decide on the most appropriate actions for the next treatment if this is needed.

All client records are confidential and are safely kept under lock and key. As committed practitioners, we observe professional standards and a solid code of ethics.

Sports Therapy

We provide:

• Pre-match or competition attention
• Post-match or competition attention
• Individual and group consultations
• Education on preparation, stretching and muscle flexibility – vital for performance enhancement
• Treatment and advice to achieve best results
• Taping and strapping for support and prevention of further injury
• First aid cover for field games and events

Remedial Work

Providing a thorough and complete workout for the stressed-out body!

Because of today’s fast pace of living – work – family – socialising – sport – we can all develop tensions in our bodies. As a result our muscles become tight and contract involuntarily.

That’s when you need to see us! With our range of proven and professional techniques we can get results in such problem areas as:

• Post trauma injuries
• Wry neck
• Whiplash
• Musculoskeletal problems
• Spinal problems
• Carpal tunnel syndrome
• Frozen shoulder
• Bursitis

Treatment Range

All treatments consist of:

• Consultation
• Examination
• Assessment in: range of movement, mobility, flexibility, restriction
• Selecting and applying techniques to gently enhance and stretch tissues to give greater release
Our treatment portfolio includes:
• Neuromuscular Therapy – NMT
This technique is a system of treatment where pressure is applied to the area being treated within the tolerance of the patient’s pain barrier. Pressure is held for between 30 to 90 seconds until pain eases. Professional judgement is necessary to ensure treatment is applied in a subtle way so as to prevent discomfort and achieve best results for the patient.
• Soft Tissue Release – STR
This method is used on muscles but can also be used on tendons and ligaments and works through applying deep pressure to a muscle in one direction and stretching the muscle in the in the opposite direction.
• Muscle Energy Technique – MET

This is a combination of techniques. The treatment is to passively stretch the muscle following an isometric contraction. By holding the stretch for up to 20 seconds very effective results can be achieved for the patient

Please contact us to make an appointment, the Clinic is open from Tuesday to Friday. Evening and Saturday or Sunday sessions can also be arranged.

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