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Three Tips to Safe Winter Electric Bike Cycling

Cycling is generally thought of as a warm weather sport, however, this mustn’t always be the case. If you are well prepared you can certainly enjoy winter cycling!  And you will certainly enjoy it even more if you are on a nice fast electric bike.  Check out the Bike Shop UK – best electric bike shop 2018.


This article will highlight 3 essential factors that should be considered when planning for winter cycling.

Tip Number One: Dress Appropriately

This obviously is the most important factor to consider, and there is much more involved than simply putting on layers! It is very important that you choose your clothing wisely. Remember that you will be exercising, so you shouldn’t just dress for cold weather.

Appropriate clothing must be both waterproof and windproof. Your chosen clothing must allow your body to breath while being thermally insulated.

The right clothing may seem expensive, however, without it, you simply cannot enjoy winter cycling!  Have a look for best sports apparel for women 2018 to see what is new in the cycling world for winter 2018.

Tip Number Two: Proper Food and Drink

It is obviously just as important to eat and drink enough in the winter as in the summer, however, the winter may present some distinct challenges. Certain foods, such as energy bars, may harden or freeze in low temperatures. If you use a regular water canister you water may also freeze, if the temperatures are below freezing you should consider warming your water and using a thermal canister.

A nice idea would also be a stop in a café for some hot tea and maybe a slice of cake. After such a treat you will be warmed up and ready to continue!

Tip Number Three: Use Correct Tyres.

The right tyres are also essential to safe winter cycling! In the winter time tyres may be more easily punctured due to both lower temperatures and lower visibility of hazards. Therefore, tubeless tyres are a good idea, you might also consider using solid tyres.

At the very least make sure your tyres are robust. If you experience a puncture, remember that changing a tyre at freezing temperatures is not fun! Make sure you have the right gloves. It is not recommended to use CO2 cartridges as the canisters may freeze up in lower temperatures.

Winter cycling presents its’ challenges, however, it can be a blast! So prepare well, keep warm and enjoy yourself!