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Internet Media May Very Well Take Over In 2018

We all know the incredible power of the internet. Granted it may not seem so long ago that advertising was all about flyers, cards in shop windows and placing adverts in a local newspaper. There is still a place for these methods, even in our ever-changing society, however, a form of advertising which has grown in staggering proportions is that of internet media. In fact, it may very well take over in 2018!

Did you know that global digital revenue from advertising is set to reach 33 percent in 2018? That is 19% more than it was just 9 years ago in 2009 when it sat at a lowly 14 percent. What has led to this drastic growth?



In a few words, we are becoming an online society. Not so many years ago, if we wanted to know something, needed a particular piece of information and so forth, we would have picked up the phone and rang someone who would know. Now we ask Google!

The same can be said for products and services we may be in need of. In the past we may have asked around for recommendations or checked the local newspaper, now we turn to a search engine to advise us of the options available to us. That’s right, whether we are embracing this new age or being dragged along kicking and screaming, one thing is for sure; internet media in 2018 is only set to increase.

For a while now we have seen television as the largest advertising segment on a global scale. Indeed, this form of advertising still has a powerful role to play. However, in 2018 we can expect internet advertising to push its way to first place. In other words, internet advertising seems to be slowly replacing television advertising as the favoured method of getting new customers, as shown by NiSEO best web marketing company Northern Ireland 2018.

How should we react to the facts around internet media? Whether we are part of a family business, a large company or simply a sole trader, the need has never been so great to ensure we have a strong online presence. People of all ages and walks of life are turning to the internet as their main source of information and knowledge. That’s is why, if we want to keep up with the top runners in 2018, we need to embrace the new era of internet media.