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Complete Guide to Introducing an Office Massage Program

The workplace can easily be a toxic environment. From interpersonal relationships, strict deadlines, staring at a computer for 8 hours, 6 days a week and trying to balance between fulltime jobs, and having a life outside work, the list never ends. When an employer decides to enrol in an office massage programme for his/her employees, it is, therefore, a warm gesture. It shows that they too, are human and understand that work can be exhausting.

That said, where do you start?

Every time a new concept is brought to the table, an intricate plan has to be formulated for it to be successfully absorbed into the company. This guide will make work easier for you by giving you all the necessary steps required to successfully enrol in an office massage program with someone like Office Kneads Galway.

1. Introduce the programme to the office workers.

The onboarding process begins with familiarizing your employees with the change that is to take place. Inform them that a new office massage program is about to start beforehand, to allow them to have a smooth transition from things as they were before. It also keeps them excited, yearning to break the monotony of regular office days.

You can share all the information regarding the massage program in a couple of ways such as email, paper fliers, website pages, or calling for a short meeting when everyone is present. Whichever method you choose to go with, it should be consistent with other means used to send out information. Additionally, all details regarding the program should be included to ensure that your employees are fluent in the process.

2. Things that should be covered.

There are several things to be covered with regard to the office massage service. Depending on the size of the company and customization features, the program will differ for different companies. This makes it critical to cover details such as:

Office massage basics.

These are the basic details of the programme which include:

The location of the massage – You should designate a specific area or multiple areas for therapies to take place, and specify whether these locations will constantly be used throughout the program.

Time – Specify when the massage therapists will be available during the month, week, and day. If there are employees who work at night, they should also be considered.

Type of Massage – While many people are familiar with table massage, the majority are clueless when it comes to chair massage, which is usually the preferred option for office massages. Inform them about the type of massage that is being provided.

Signing up to the massage – Not all employees will find the program lucrative, and since everyone is entitled to their own opinion, offer the freedom to sign up. Those that enrol should be provided with the details of accessing the therapists, whether at a first-come-first-served basis or a sequential process.

Office Massage Programme Nitty-Gritty.

These should cover the details of the massage programme. They include rules, if there are any, consequences of missed appointments, people in charge of the program and could be approached in case of any issues, and even automated appointment reminders if the massage company offers this.

Massage Credits.

This specifies how massages are allotted to employees. It can be extremely motivational, and employes can work even harder to gain more massage sessions. It should specify how many sessions an employee has per month or a year, and how these are scheduled. Additionally, in the event of accidents and stressful citations, some massages could be added to employees.

It should also specify payment details in case employees are required to top up on massages, and whether the option of accessing more sessions at a fee is available.

With this, an office massage programme can easily be absorbed into a company’s system!