Web Design

What To Keep In Mind During Website Design

If you are about to design your first website, there are a lot of things that you need to consider. The colour scheme and content is vital, but what else do you need to remember. There are a lot of points that you need to keep in mind that ensure your website is designed correctly.

Prioritise Site Speed

Speed is important when you have a website because faster websites will keep more visitors. If you have a website that takes a while to load, your visitors are going to leave and look at your competition. This is one of the reasons why you need to prioritise site speed.

Another reason is the fact that site speed will help your SEO strategy. The search engines understand that people do not want to wait for websites to load. This resulted in one of their algorithm signals being site speed which means that faster websites rank better.

Understand The Fold

You may have come across the idea of the fold in your website design. This is an old design element from the days of newspapers when the newspaper would be folded in half. This fold created two sections to the page with one being above the fold and the other below.

Information that was placed above the fold was the most important. This design element is still important today because your computer screen acts in the same manner as the fold. Research has also found that 57% of time is spent above the fold. This falls to 17% for the second screenful of content and even less the further the visitor has to go.

Understanding the importance of the fold is good, but you also need to know how to maximise this information. Your main call to action on the website should be above the fold and as clear as possible. Clear and descriptive headlines will also make it easier for visitors to understand your content and find the information they need.

Know About Hick’s Law

Hick’s Law says that the more choices a person has, the longer they will take to make a decision. This is something that you need to know about and keep in mind when designing your website. To take advantage of this law, you need to limit the choices you present to visitors as Belfast Web Design Agency reveals.

Reduce the number of menu items you have in your design and keep categories as clear as possible. If you have contact forms, you should reduce the number of fields. You also need to focus on a single call to action and not attempt to mix and match.

Keep It Simple

The quirky design that you have in mind could set your website apart, but will it help you achieve what you want? A study by Google has found that most visitors do not like a lot of visual complexity. This means that the more complex your website design, the less people are actually going to like it.

To simplify your design, you need to rethink your sidebar and choose a single-column design instead. Have a standard layout that is familiar to your visitors. This will make it easier for them to find what they want.